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A Dream Comes True DVD

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A Dream Comes True DVD
DVD. 149 mins
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All things evolve. Travel back in time to Braco’s 2004 birthday, when he changed the way he shared his special gift to help and improve visitor’s lives. As his ability had developed, it finally came to transcend words and one-on-one encounters. An explanation is offered to attendees as to why Braco would not be speaking publicly any more due to an evolution in the way he could best help people. For many attending, this was their first gazing event with Braco.

An impressive group of Croatian public figures, including the psychologist Professor Vladimir Gruden, Muslim Mufti Sefko Omerbasic and Dr Aleksandar Racz discuss the impact of Braco. Musical clips from popular Croatian singer, Boris Novkovic, are interspersed through this video, along with his own personal testimony of how Braco had helped him through a difficult period in his life. Boris reveals why he wrote songs dedicated to Braco’s gift in gratitude for the help he received.

Bonus Feature: Boris Novkovic singing one of the tracks from his CD, Thank You Braco, written exclusively for Braco and his gift.

DVD 87 min - English Version 2012

International Orders: DVDs are in NTSC format, standard for USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan & some other regions. PAL format players, which are standard in Europe, may not play this DVD format unless your player is multi-regional!

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