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Awakening Within Us DVD

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Awakening Within Us DVD
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Braco has a gaze that has created miracles of wellness in countless lives. Over 200,000 come to see him each year for personal life issues. Set at Srebrnjak 1, Braco's center in Zagreb, Croatia, this film shows a touching celebration in which people gather to see and honor Braco on his birthday. All of them have come to say 'thank you', and in this film you will see why! Fascinating reports and interviews document what the people received from Braco’s gaze. And you can feel through this film the energy of the gazing sessions on Braco's birthday in November 2006.

DVD 36 min - English Version

International Orders - DVDs are in NTSC format, standard for USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan & some other regions. PAL format players, which are standard in Europe, may not play this DVD format unless your player is multi-regional!

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