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Braco Is Coming Again DVD

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Braco Is Coming Again DVD
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Braco is Coming Again highlights how “Braco is revealed in his simplicity, honesty and meekness as a person who came for us, or better said, who came for the things we need which are provided to us through his gaze.” This film is a moving overview of Braco’s mission to help people and shows many of his travels to countries across the globe. 

In a world so divided and separated, rare are people who manage to unite and find ways to connect people of different religions, nationalities and political tendencies. The power of Braco’s gaze is erasing and will keep erasing differences, while at the same time keeping the individuality of every person and allowing everyone to hold on to his or her beliefs. This uplifting film will touch viewers with the streaming, strength giving and reviving qualities of Braco’s gaze.    

DVD 31 min - English Version 

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