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Golden Sun

The Sun is the symbol of life and the Sun is the source, which gives us life, light and energy.

We know of the special qualities of the Golden Sun from the books and films about Braco and Ivica. It was Braco who dreamt that he should put this thirteen ray sun symbol into a physical form, allowing us to carry it with us. Now we can touch and feel this Sun – as a symbol of love and light, and as a connection to this energy, which has illuminated so many hearts and souls.

Braco created the first Sun Pendant from 14 kt gold as a present for Ivica on his birthday. Soon thereafter, Ivica made an identical Sun pendant for Braco, and then they gave a Golden Sun to all members of their team. They recognized that this Sun could serve everyone as a bridge and a connection to the energy, so today everybody who has the wish to wear a Golden Sun designed by Ivica and Braco can do so.

Golden Sun pendants, rings and earrings are ONLY available at live gazing events. They are not sold online or in stores. They are offered in this personal way for those who feel a special connection to them. 

All Golden Sun Jewelry is crafted in solid 14 kt gold with genuine fine diamonds. Most pendants include a 14 kt gold chain.

Please note that all jewelry sales are final at events.
30 Day return for manufacturing defect only.