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Life After Life DVD

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Life After Life DVD
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The story of Braco’s remarkable mentor, Ivica Prokic, has uplifted the hearts and minds of people for over 18 years. In tribute to Ivica, this film chronicles his many gifts and achievements as a prophet and healer of extraordinary measure, and how their relationship laid Braco’s foundation as Ivica’s successor. In 2006, the film Life after Life was produced in Europe, using archived footage of Ivica working prior to his death in 1995. The magnitude of Ivica’s powerful energy shines vibrantly in this extensive compilation of images and footage, along with clips of young Braco at his side.

This is the only DVD in which Braco personally speaks on camera, sharing memories about his beloved friend. And then Braco is shown today, gazing for audiences, transforming lives with love.

DVD 58 min - English Version 

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